Message from Dr. Donald Stuss, President and Scientific Director of OBI

86 billion: that is the number of neurons, or cells, estimated to make up the human brain. Within each cell there is a universe of complexity and activity. But the remarkable abilities of the brain to think, remember, respond, and feel, cannot be explained by just scaling up the individual actions of each cell. It comes down to the connections. No neuron works in isolation, in fact each cell is thought to make up to 10,000 connections with other cells; the outcome of this interconnectivity, some 100 trillion connections, is the network of the human brain. Continue reading “Message from Dr. Donald Stuss, President and Scientific Director of OBI”

Peering Into dementia

The eyes are said to be the ‘windows into the soul’. Now a novel technique is allowing researchers to take this romantic thought to a new level and use the eye as a ‘window into the brain’— to better understand and diagnose brain disorders. Continue reading “Peering Into dementia”

Helping The Patient Be Heard

A key priority of OBI is amplifying the patient voice in research. To this end, OBI has helped establish five Patient Advisory Committees (PACs) which connect patients, their families and their advocates with people working at the frontier of brain research. Continue reading “Helping The Patient Be Heard”

Your Brain Health: Practicing What You Preach

By promoting brain awareness across Ontario, OBI is helping people take charge of their own brain health. Need some inspiration? OBI staffers reveal their own brain-health tips. Continue reading “Your Brain Health: Practicing What You Preach”

NeuroTech Ontario Reaches Milestones

Start from strength. Ontario neuroscience is recognized for research excellence, which is the foundation required for the development of a neurotechnology cluster. NeuroTech Ontario is the collective commitment of the growing neuroscience industry in the province to create technologies that leverage advances in brain research to improve public health, public understanding, and spur economic growth. Continue reading “NeuroTech Ontario Reaches Milestones”

Giving Great Brains a Professional Boost

OBI’s Graduate Opportunity (GO) Management Fellowship program gives five of the best brains in Ontario a year’s worth of invaluable professional development in the province’s diverse not-for-profit sector. The five Management Fellows are steeped in the details of how research and innovation is managed across all fields, from knowledge translation to governance. The GO Management program provides aspiring and accomplished academics a bridge to the professional world. Continue reading “Giving Great Brains a Professional Boost”

4 Things You Should Know About Brain-CODE

The wealth of information available in the modern world has given rise to the idea of ‘Big Data’. Massive amounts of data hold the potential to provide us with major insights. However, for this to be possible, data must be collected, analysed, and linked in the right way. When harnessed effectively, ‘Big Data’ may soon be able to give us big insight into what’s most relevant to an individual’s care. Continue reading “4 Things You Should Know About Brain-CODE”