By: Tiffany Scarcelli, 2014 OBI Management Fellow

What does your brain do for you? Just think about it (with your brain, of course!) and you will soon discover what an impact your brain has on everyday life. From your five senses to every emotion, thought, and movement, your brain is responsible for what you experience and who you are. So, for all it does for you, it’s time to show love for your brain. And when better to highlight its importance than during Brain Awareness Week from March 10th to 16th.


Brain Awareness Week was started by the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives over 18 years ago to celebrate and increase public understanding about brain health and research. This fits well with the goals of the Ontario Brain Institute (OBI), as we bring together researchers, policy makers, clinicians, patients and their advocates to move research into care and public awareness. For this reason and more, we have created interactive resources for you to get involved and get excited throughout Brain Awareness Week! After all the brain does for you, it deserves at least a week of celebration!

During this year’s Brain Awareness Week, the OBI is promoting I ♥ BRAIN – a campaign to emphasize all that your brain does for you and in turn, what you can do for your brain. We would love for you to share this message and these thoughts with others so we can all make positive and healthy life choices. To get involved, check our website, Facebook and Twitter accounts daily for updates, links and so much more!

So how can you really give the brain its due?  Try taking steps (literally and figuratively) to promote your own brain health. This can include engaging in physical activity and cognitive training, sleeping more, reducing stress and improving diet, all of which can benefit your brain. For more on these benefits, check back on Monday, March 10th for our blog post on healthy activities for your brain.

And just remember – every time you read your favourite book on the subway, share a hot chocolate with your kids on a snowy day, or relax on the beach listening to the waves crashing on the shore – all of these experiences were brought to you by your brain. So take action and get involved this Brain Awareness Week!


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