Your Brain Health: Practicing What You Preach

By promoting brain awareness across Ontario, OBI is helping people take charge of their own brain health. Need some inspiration? OBI staffers reveal their own brain-health tips. Continue reading “Your Brain Health: Practicing What You Preach”

Brain Games Help You Gain

What if we said that you could boost your brain power? What if we said that you could do it in 20 days, working only 90 minutes each day? Sound like a bad infomercial? It’s not. Our brain is incredibly complex and dynamic organ. Connections between neurons are constantly being strengthened and weakened. This allows us to quickly learn new information but also forget or ignore less relevant information. Scientists refer to this as “neuroplasticity”. Using what scientists know about neuroplasticity, you can strengthen your brain by doing regular mental exercises. Continue reading “Brain Games Help You Gain”