Meet our 2020 ONtrepreneurs

With a focus on promoting brain health, the OBI ONtrepreneurs Program was established in 2012 to provide early-stage entrepreneurs an opportunity to bring their ingenious neurotech ideas to life. The program offers an investment of $50,000 as well as 12-months of training opportunities, one-on-one mentorship and commercialization support to help entrepreneurs build neurotech companies.

Currently in our ninth year, we are proud to introduce our latest cohort of 2020 ONtrepreneurs – recipients of Canada’s single largest award for early-stage neurotech entrepreneurs.

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The F-Words: Finding the Ability in Disability

When Dr. Jan Willem Gorter and Dr. Peter Rosenbaum first published, “The F Words in Childhood Disability: I swear this is how we should think”, they did not anticipate that the report would be downloaded 20,000 times with 240 citations, shared around the world and translated into over 30 languages.

Their intent was to shift people’s perspective on disability – instead of focusing on what individuals can’t do, to focus instead on what they are able to accomplish. Built upon the World Health Organization’s International Classification of Functioning Disability and Health, CanChild’s F-words (favourite words), have made an incredible impact across the globe.

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Stories from our Roots: A Life Promotion Program

A youth-led, life promotion project that utilizes digital media to convey stories of resilience, hope, and strength.

It was over a year ago that Savannah Nahwegahbow from the Aundeck Omni Kanig First Nation took part in a Stories from our Roots workshop held in London, Ontario. The workshop was a collaborative effort with TakingITGlobal that not only focused on photography, but videography as well. The combination was ideal for Savannah.

“I studied media design and film making in college, and the workshop couldn’t have happened at a more fortunate time,” says Savannah. “I was really lost on my next steps in life. I knew what I wanted to do, but I just didn’t know where to begin.”

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Three Takeaways – Pain in Children: What we don’t know can hurt them

“We don’t have to let kids suffer in silence” said Ontario Brain Institute’s President & Scientific Director, Tom Mikkelsen, as he opened one of OBI’s Public Talks, “Pain in Children: What we don’t know can hurt them”.

The event featured four speakers, each with a unique expertise when it comes to pain experienced by children, primarily children with disabilities. Continue reading “Three Takeaways – Pain in Children: What we don’t know can hurt them”

OBI-GEEK – Brief Intensive Case Management – Acquired Brain Injury Ontario Brain Injury Association (Nipissing District)

Severe brain injuries can dramatically alter the trajectory of someone’s life. Take the case of Michael, not his real name, who suffered from a severe brain injury as the result of a motor vehicle collision. His injury meant that he struggled with poor memory, impulsivity, dysarthria, chronic pain, emotional dysregulation, poor money management and many other problems.

With all the changes in his life he experienced a considerable amount of anxiety and depression. A physical altercation landed this individual in the court system, and that’s when the Ontario Brain Injury Association (OBIA) stepped in to help him and his legal team navigate the criminal justice system, which is not set up for individuals living with brain injuries.

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OBI-GEEK – Educational Pathway to Employment Christian Horizons (Toronto)

In 2019, the Educational Pathway to Employment Program, a partnership between Christian Horizons and Humber College, was awarded one of the Ontario Brain Institute’s (OBI) Growing Expertise in Evaluation and Knowledge Transition (GEEK) initiative grants.

The Educational Pathway to Employment program is a post-secondary nine-month culinary certificate program for people with disabilities. The hands-on specific training offered through the program allows those with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities to successfully access an education that can lead to employment, support improved health and well-being and not feel excluded from society.

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Take Care of Your Brain – 6 Tips for Mental Health

Caring for your mental health is just as important as looking after your physical health. Perhaps now, during this time of uncertainty and social distancing, it’s more important than ever.

May 4-10 marks Mental Health Week, and throughout this week our team at OBI will be sharing some of the information and resources that we’ve put together in collaboration with our partners.

These resources include six easy brain tips you can follow daily to nurture your mental health, detailed guides and toolkits to support yourself or your loved ones, and public talks and blog posts that focus on a vast range of topics pertaining to mental health and wellness. Continue reading “Take Care of Your Brain – 6 Tips for Mental Health”